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Java Hosting

Safest & reliable Java hosting in India

Hosting with Java is unique and complex as well because Java is a programming application and does not go similar to regular hosting services. It requires a separate platform for hosting websites developed on the Java platform. At eWebGuru, to deal with such complex websites, we are offering Java hosting more secure and reliable compared with other hosting services. We utilize Linux server with Apache and Tomcat for hosting Java-based websites and hence, the same security level is provided for even Java hosting as well.

With Java hosting, you can install all Java applications that support website development easily. Also, the configuration of the latest Java hosting technologies becomes easy with eWebGuru Java Hosting.

Java programming, naturally, is a difficult language to crack on, but hackers who are specialists in cracking the Java programming code may easily take control of your websites. To prevent this, our Linux-based Apache and Tomcat server for Java hosting acts as not only a web hosting server but also a complete security solution.

You can control your Java apps and deploy WAR files absolutely for no cost, with the easy-to-use hosting interface. You can set your own authentication levels and decide who is trustworthy to access your website(s) information.

Our plans under Java hosting

We have four easy plans to purchase and remember as well. As Java websites are not that easy to handle, the websites developed on Java might be less compared to WordPress and other platforms. So, we have designed our plans in such a way it is comfortable for hosting and easily customizable on-demand.

Java One


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Java Two


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Java Three


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Java Four


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Price ₹249.58/m for 1 year ₹249.58/m for 1 year ₹249.58/m for 1 year ₹249.58/m for 1 year
Web Space 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Domain Limit 1 1 1 1
MySQL Database 1 1 1 1
Ease-To-Use Control Panel
Guaranteed 99.9% Server Uptime
30 Day Money Back Policy
24/7/365 Premium Support
All LINUX Hosting Features
Bronze Plan


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Silver Plan


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Gold Plan


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Diamond Plan


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Note: All our plans under Java Hosting can be purchased worldwide and the cost per plan will be provided accordingly on checkout.

Why choose our Java Hosting?

Instant Setup

We have an auto-install Java hosting feature, which you need to purchase from us or set it up manually too. With one single click, you can get the server hosting applications on your computer.

Great performance

Our Java hosting ensures high website speed in terms of page loading and responsiveness because we treat every single second of your website view as a lead to your business. So, we notify you of your website performance by generating various SEO reports required for further analyses.

User-defined solutions

We offer customized solutions to Java hosting users as the need may vary from one user to another and thus, the choosing of Java hosting plan happens. We make sure that you never regret what you have paid and will enjoy a reliable Java hosting service with eWebGuru.


Nowhere could you have seen such an amazing prizing plan for Linux Hosting services as we provide. Our pricing plans are customer-friendly so that web hosting on Linux never been a nightmare for any of our clients.

Features we offer under Java hosting

Latest servlet containers

The server that we provide is flexible, less-weight, secure and stable. We offer the latest Tomcat for your Java hosting at the cheapest price.

Website Uptime

We ensure that your website is always available for users to view by maintaining 99.9% uptime along with all network components that support the server.

Frequent scanning

We consider your data is our priority and so, we perform regular scanning on all your website files and applications to detect any viruses or malware.

Know your audience

The control panel that we provide lets you view who accessing/accessed your website so that you can make appropriate security measures. Also, all those login logs will be displayed on demand within minutes effortlessly.

Flexible Cpanel

Due to providing a Linux-based server, the control panel provides enough flexibility to access the database completely and utilize resources to the core and control others from accessing the database unnecessarily.

Superior level security

We use effective tools to block IPs that try to access your website information and provide tightened security with several strong applications to ensure that not even a single word is breached.

Frequently asked questions

Java hosting is a hosting plan that takes a separate server to host Java-based websites developed.

Apache Tomcat, in other words, a Tomcat server, is free software developed by the Apache Software Foundation that acts as a Java servlet container. The Tomcat applications used in this server together form a pure HTTP web server environment that only allows Java code to run.

We let you use our service for 30 days period from the date of your purchase, and in case you are not happy with our product or service, we return you the amount paid based on appropriate validation and usage of our service during the period.

Yes, if you have a dedicated Java hosting server, you can run both applications on the same server. But if it is a shared hosting environment, we restrict running the PHP application on a Java server for security reasons.

Yes, you can run Java Swing application very well on the dedicated Java hosting plan that you purchase; it is restricted on shared hosting.

Yes, it is our primary responsibility to set up the Java hosting on your preferred system after your purchase of the same with us. We provide all-the-time support for any of your hosting related queries as long as you are in a business relationship with us.