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Email Hosting

Safest and reliable professional business email setup in India

We have the cheapest and easy-to-install email setup that reduces the complexity of your job in searching for the best and trusted email account providers. Business emails increase the trust of your company among your customers because your website shows what your company is and your business email account proves that your company exists.

Moreover, if you go for other email service providers, it is double the times costlier than you go with us to the same type of service. Our email account service offers you maximum space as you require. It starts with a minimum of 5GB per account, and you can purchase any number of accounts as per the need. 

Why Choose Us?

We provide email services at the very cheapest price for every business user to definitely implement it as a part of the business so that nobody loses customers because of not having a professional email account.

Also, every email account will get

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Single Email Account Cost Just Rs. 49

We give you the complete admin access to handling your email accounts so that it will not be misused by any of the members of your organization. You can monitor other’s email account and always have a check on suspicious activities.

Why professional email is good for business?

Builds Customer Trust

Having a professional email service is a 100% good option, as it helps you gain your customers' trust without a second thought. You can send an invoice to customers or send an official email to a candidate whom you are planning to hire, from your company email, which increases the trust among even candidates who want to join your organization. Also, when you send an email from the professional or official account, it creates quite a bit of seriousness among both the audience and whomever you communicate to.

Increased Professional Perception

Your brand awareness increases among people whomever you meet on business purpose, and slowly through word-of-mouth, it spreads easily to customers of your clients and consumers of your customers. It even explains how your organization functions and improves individual respect by using signatures in the emails that you send, which includes your designation along with your address and contact number.

Data Security

Webmail is such a wonderful feature where except the IT person you have hired and made responsible for monitoring all the email accounts, no one can hack or shoot potential threats to it. In other ways, it protects your data as long as you are connected to us in business. Moreover, you can easily migrate an existing email account to our account easily without noticed by a third-eye.

Builds Business Credibility

Having a Professional email account increases the credibility of your business with your customers and clients. It replicates your company image and may turn out to be one of the root causes of an enhanced customer relationship with a gradual increase in company revenue.

Backup and Privacy Protection

It offers you backup for your email accounts and whenever you lose any data accidentally or unfortunately, we always will have a backup of your email accounts linked to your server and protect your email data privacy on high priority.

What Do We Offer?

No hardware or software costs

Our email plans are so transparent that they do not incur any hidden or additional charges. You will only pay for the mailboxes that you purchase from us i.e. for the email space that you buy. You do not require any separate system, software or application for installing and configuring the email setup and using it.

Technical strength 24/7

We take the core responsibility of your business in protecting from blacklist mitigation and other suspicious activities attacking your server and the email setup attached to it. You can peacefully concentrate on your business and its growth while we make sure that you get it forever.

Virtualized mailboxes

We provide you virtualized mailboxes on cloud solutions so that you can free up your server space and use it for any other purposes. With the cloud, you will pay only for what you use, so it is quite cheaper compared to any other option from any other email service provider.

Secure Data Centre

We follow a stringent data security system that provides top-notch safety to your email information as we provide for your domains and servers. You will be notified on updates and password change whenever required. In case you find it difficult to do it, we help you with online support and wait until the successful completion of any security parameters if required.

Easy Deployment

Our email service is quick and easy to use. It provides a flexible and simple navigation to run through the entire application. The email loading speed is high, and so you do not have to wait long for the emails to load or refresh.

Features We Offer On Professional Business Email Account

We have splendid features that amaze and thrives you to use our professional business email services with us.


Robust webmail

You can use our webmail anywhere, anyone, anytime so that there is no need of worrying about work getting postponed or urgencies not being answered.


White label

Once you configure and setup the webmail account, it becomes completely yours and your customers view it as a whole brand of yours.


Flexible storage options

All mailboxes that you purchase to start with 5GB of storage space and can be upgraded if required in the future, depending on your organizational needs.


Spam and virus protection

We have a great email infrastructure protection against webmail accounts which filters all spam emails and avoids hitting your inbox. We provide an inbuilt firewall that performs excellent work and keeps your mails safe from viruses, malware, etc.


Fully Localized

eWebGuru provides Email accounts in 13 different languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, etc. This will help you to maintain professional webmail accounts throughout the business expansion across countries.


Robust Technology

We provide reliable, scalable and high-performing webmail services to our customers that help them to enhance their business in line with the latest technologies. Also, thousands of resellers throughout the world trust our email solutions.

Benefits of Having a Domain-Based Business Email Address

If you have a domain-based business email, you will be noticed among your target audience and can overcome competition vigorously.

You will definitely look professional with having webmail business accounts, as you will be identified as a trusted trademark.

Emails that come from a non-business account will appear as suspicious or fraudulent. Hence, holding a business email account will keep you away from such impressions.

The important and positive aspect of having a domain-based business email address is no one can steal your identity. The market is so huge and you will never know who can steal your copyrights and sell your product or service and incur fraud activities. So, a domain-based business email address saves you and your brand’s image.

You will appear more organized and bigger when you have email accounts as per hierarchy. This will improve the company’s image with customers and help in long-term business relationships.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, definitely we provide a spam filter for your webmail account with which you can avoid receiving or clubbing unnecessary or promotional emails into your professional business email account.

We have several security measures for keeping your email account secure. We have the top most spam and virus filters merged with high-end stringent security. We monitor your account with effective and automatic threat monitoring applications and the most feasible email and messaging solutions that take advanced data analytics and provide you compact secure email service.

We provide easy view and operation of accessing your webmail through Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, etc. so that the navigation and usage in and out becomes easy. You can access it from any desktop or laptop with required email settings configured.

Working with webmail is so simple. First, you have logged into your webmail account with a password that we provide and then change it immediately after your first login. We will provide you a URL with which you can access the login page.

Our webmail is compatible with devices such as Android, iOS, Windows mobile, Symbian and Blackberry. Also, we have developed the webmail access in these mobile platforms using HTML5 and Javascript that will help you easy navigation options.

Yes, definitely you can create y our own mailing lists. You will have the complete right to add or delete users, choose a moderator and restrict people from joining a list. You can even permanently ban the user from adding to your webmail.