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Purchase cheapest G Suite account for your business in India

eWebGuru provides G Suite account for professional email setup configuration of your business. G Suite account is one of the products of Google that offers a Gmail-type interface. This will allow you to work on a high-paced platform that will lend you the flexibility of using Gmail.

Though having a G Suite account is a little costly in the market, eWebGuru offers it at a cheaper cost compared to other service providers in the market. This will add more value to your business and improves the brand image of your organization to an immense extent. 

What is G Suite?

G Suite is computer software, which is provided for business users as a professional email account, also used as productivity and collaboration tools integrated with cloud computing. It is available as Google apps for your domain and you can customize themes and other settings similar to Gmail. G Suite does not require any separate installation procedure as it can be linked directly to your preferred domain.

Cheapest G Suite plans and pricing

eWebGuru offers three exciting G Suite plans for your benefit—G Suite 1, G Suite 2 and G Suite 3. All those 3 plans includes premium features including, access to perform and manage your business email through Gmail Video and voice conferencing, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and also carry out Secure Team messaging.

G Suite 1


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G Suite 2


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G Suite 3


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Price ₹210/m ₹200/m ₹188/m
G Suite Account Limit 1 to 10 11 to 100 Over 100 Accounts
Cloud Storage Limit 30 GB 30 GB 30 GB
Hangout Chats Secure Team
99.9% Guarantee Uptime
Google Drive Usage
Custom Business Email Extension with Your Company Domain Name
All G-Suite Hosting Features
G Suite 1


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G Suite 2


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G Suite 3


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With 99.9% Server uptime guarantee on your G Suite account, we consider every single second is important for your business growth and ensure that there is no occurrence of email bounce while sending or receiving emails.

Also, eWebGuru gives you the privilege of using your company name along with your username under its G Suite Package. You can set your business email account as (your customized business email name@ your company name. This will enhance the image of your brand among your customers.

List of tools we offer under G Suite

eWebGuru offers multiple tools under G Suite that helps in managing your complete business schedules. Here are the lists of few vital tools which can be useful for all organizations.


Through the G Suite calendar, you can plan your day-to-day schedule and keep reminders for upcoming programs, meetings, conferences, etc. You can also send an invite early or delayed irrespective of planned or unplanned decisions.

Hangout chats

We offer internal chat option to your team members associated with your G Suite account through the Secure Team messaging app. You or the authorized person from your end can monitor all the chats and ensure that there is no leakage of data or any authorized usage of the G Suite account.

Hangout Meets

This is a video conferencing app with which you can communicate with any of your internal clients, on-site team members or anyone who is associated with business G Suite accounts and deal with your business activities from the place you are.

Google Drive

This is a wonderful option of G Suite wherein Google Drive is integrated with Cloud and allocates storage space for files in the form of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. With the availability of Google Drive, you can extraordinarily use the 30GB storage space provided along with your G Suite account, by transferring any kind of attachments to Cloud.

Google Docs

One among the essential tool for every business, the biggest advantage of using Google Docs is that can be shared with anyone who has the desire privileges can access. It’s a perfect tool for sharing records and details among the employers and employees.

Google Site

With this tool, you can able to create a website for your organization where the site can be accessed by only the privileged users/members.

Why should you prefer G Suite and what are its benefits?

Professional email name

By using G Suite, you can increase your brand image among your customers. You can customize the email name as support@abc.com instead of abc@gmail.com. Moreover, as it has a similar interface like Gmail, you do not require any specific training or consume time to sit and learn about its features.

Unlimited storage space

G Suite is associated with a cloud-based platform, and so it provides you unlimited space for storing your files such as documents, presentations and spreadsheets and any kind of audio or video file in the linked Cloud account. So, sending or receiving emails is no more a hassle in your business.

Improved communication

Using G Suite enhances the internal communication of an organization with its instant chat option and faster uptime feature. You can follow-up on work or meeting updates with your team members quickly and ensure that all are in line with the currently performed activities.

Enhanced data security

Due to the availability of Google Drive, you need not worry about losing any email data. All you have to do is transferring all your email attachments to Google Drive, which will provide you a permanent solution for data loss by backing up all information.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, definitely! You will have to purchase G Suite as an individual package. Otherwise, you cannot access all its features completely. The packages are always customizable and flexible with us. So you can opt for suitable or required features as per the plan or your budget.

Of course, yes. G Suite is not available as packages for individual features. You will have to purchase the complete package even if you have a purpose with using only Gmail.

We offer a 30GB storage space for every single G Suite user, provided the number of accounts you choose according to our plans.

There is no restriction to use G Suite with a new domain. You can always link it with your existing domain and use it flawlessly.

Yes! We do support to transfer existing G Suite to our server. However, the existing tenure must offer such migration services.